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Kipling & Kirby Ventures Board

Kipling & Kirby Ventures   

FOR RELEASE 9th November 2016

KKV signals intent with world class Tech/Gov leadership

London, UK: Kipling & Kirby Ventures (KKV), has unveiled a world-class, global, four-strong board team bringing vast expertise enabling KKV to build-out a strong development pathway whilst adding significant value for KKV startup founders.

Co-founder & COO Simon Barry (LinkedIn) commented that ‘We passionately believe in our mission and having such leaders onboard makes that mission more achievable: they are world leaders in their fields and great to work with too.’



DAN RAMAMOORTHY – Chief People Officer, KKV – DUBLIN
Dan is a catalyst to people, companies and governments as a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker and advisor to the Irish government. Dan explained “KKV’s crucial distinction is that it invests in people as much as it does in companies. My role facilitates this through coaching, global town halls, peer-to-peer learning and exclusive resources aimed to comprehensively engage and grow founders.’ (LinkedIn)

GORDON CLYNE – Chief Innovation Officer, KKV – WINCHESTER
Gordon is a product development and problem solving specialist based now in Winchester UK, with decades of experience including time  at Palm, SanDisk and Apple. Gordon commented that ‘My role is to bring world-class product development and innovation mentorship to the table. KKV gives me an opportunity to share my experience and put smart heads on young shoulders.’ (LinkedIn)

JEFF HARDY – Chief Technology Officer, KKV – LOS ANGELES
Jeff is an LA-based, 15 year veteran CEO of Floor 84 Studio having built numerous digital products for clients including Mattel and Disney. Jeff brings architecture, app store distribution, UX, prototype development etc. Jeff explained ‘My role as CTO is across all tech dev for KKV start-ups from Business Plans to Product Builds. I know how to develop and deliver the highest quality user experience for any target platform and consumer base.’ (LinkedIn)

DOM MASON – Chief Reality Officer, KKV – LONDON/UK/EUROPE
Dom is an experienced digital transformation lead with international clients from the private and public sector. Dom believes: “reality is vital for all businesses. KKV has a high standard to build stronger startups that withstand scrutiny for realistic achievability.’ (LinkedIn)

KKV CMO & co-founder Al Tepper (LinkedIn) added ‘We’re delighted to welcome all four to KKV and are excited to work with them closely. We have two other board members lining up and hope to announce them soon. We’re here to show that great ideas plus disruptive marketing can change the way startups work and succeed.’


In Jan 2016 Al Tepper realized his startup needed help. Having found that help in Simon Barry it then became obvious that between them they had the skills to help others pursue the same path. KKV, founded March 2016, is a globally-located startup incubator. Plans for Seed Fund capitalisation, office space, and a suite of content/event products are underway.



A financial services industry veteran of 10 years, Simon has spent the last decade founding and mentoring startups on process and operations. He craves efficiency and making things tick. Simon is married with two kids and loves technology and travel. LinkedIn

With brands across Entrepreneurship, Luxury Retail, Investment / Funding & Outsourcing / Transformation previously under his marketing/digital charge, Al has been building and marketing owned and client brands since 2000. Al is married with one son and loves tech, science, space and American Football. LinkedIn


Further information / interiews: Al Tepper / +44 (0) 208 8123 5138 /