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Welcome to Kipling & Kirby Ventures

The founders: Al Tepper (Twitter / LinkedIn); & Simon Barry (Twitter / LinkedIn), along with the very private silent founding partners who give their names, and names alone, to this organisation: the quintessential British gents Mr’s Kipling & Kirby, have been disrupting businesses for a combined 30+ years.

KKV, launched in early 2016, is their vehicle to offer their collective Business-as-a-Service skills to help other entrepreneurs realise their ideas and turn them in to disruptive businesses.

KKV specialises in incubating startups that are leveraging technology to create disruptive marketing-led propositions to shake up existing, risk-averse spaces.

If you have a great idea but just don’t know how to make it a reality please get in touch. If we are excited by it then we may be able to help.

You can connect with us via Twitter or LinkedIn above or via email by pinging us a note to either Al or Simon at our domain name.

KKV Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast
Do check out our weekly podcast series featuring our weekly news wrap, our ‘Building Your Business’ series and more.

Kipling & Kirby Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

Have a disruptive day :)

Team KKV